Ward No 9, Bypass Circle, Islampura Road, Bagar (Jhunjhunu) 333023
01592-222151, 294835, 9414585956

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations of the School

  1. Regular late comers will be punished.
  2. All children should come neatly dressed in their proper school uniform
  3. No one is allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours. If necessary, permission should be taken before hand from the Principal/Class teacher. Anyone leaving the school premises without permission will be punished.
  4. Chewing or buying of beetlenut, tobacco or junk food is prohibited.
  5. If children are responsible for any damage done to the school property, they will have to pay for it.
  6. Scribbling on desks/windows/walls/chairs etc. is prohibited.
  7. Any misconduct, incorrigibility on the part of the student or insubordination to teachers are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a pupil.
  8. on their way to and from school, children are expected to behave in a manner befitting the school.
  9. Anyone found committing unfair means during an examination will not be allowed to complete the examination. They will either be detained or withdrawn.
  10. All school fees should be cleared before the final examination.
  11. No vehicles are allowed inside the school compound during school hours. Parking of vehicles is not allowed near the school gates.
  12. Children are not allowed to wear fancy earrings, rings or bangles. They should not thread their eyebrows, keep long polished nails or bleach their hair.
  13. Children are not permitted to speak in any other language except English in the School compound.



Parents of students may ring up their wards as per the schedule NOTIFIED SEPARATELY.


Boarders must spend the minimum time required in bathrooms and toilets to give others a fair chance to use them. They must ensure that the bathrooms and toilets, after use, are as clean as they would like to find them. They must also make sure that they close all the taps.


Expensive parties to celebrate birthdays are not allowed. The school may arrange for a cake, sweets and snacks for a small party within a reasonable amount. The housemaster/mistress will undertake the arrangements for this. However, the amount to be spent for the party will be billed to the parents.


1) Hostellers will enter the Dining Hall in proper dress and behave in a disciplined and orderly manner.

 2) Each hosteller will begin the meal after prayers.

 3) After meals chairs / benches must be put back neatly on conclusion of the meal.




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